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Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves have the traditional look and feel of wood stoves but burn pellets made from organic material and are more environmentally friendly.

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We have all the tools you need to keep your stove safe and keep you warm! We sell a wide variety of pellet and multi-fuel stoves and stove fuel.

Wood Stoves

These stoves are excellent for your home and anywhere beyond. Whether you are looking for a wall unit, or something for your next camping trip.

Welcome to Penn Hearth

Are you considering a new wood stove? Have you thought about a custom pellet stove but are still on the fence? Consider this…Conventional wisdom says rising energy costs leave you with no choice but to watch your heating bills continue to climb. But by burning corn or pellets in a wood or pellet stove like the St. Croix Renewable Fuel Stove, you can keep the heat and take a torch to those rising energy costs! Here are the facts…although corn and pellet prices have risen a bit…both corn and pellets still prove to be a better economic choice than conventional heating sources by far!

St. Croix stoves are environmentally wise and a cost-effective way to heat your home. It’s the new conventional wisdom. See for yourself the comparison of fuel choice costs and the advantages of using a St. Croix stove this winter. You can lower your heating costs this winter when you go with a St. Croix renewable fuel stove.